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Compost Driver & Entrepreneur

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About Us

Fertile Earth Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a thriving composting network in Miami by educating and connecting people to support sustainable food systems and build healthy soil. We are growing our Compost Pick-Up Program and are searching for a Driver | Compost Entrepreneur to help us provide the pick-up service, expand it, and compost. We consider the Compost Pick-Up program a community service and are looking for a friendly, environmentally oriented person who wants to take part in building a community centered on healthy people, a healthy environment, and a thriving local economy.

Position Basics

The Driver | Compost Entrepreneur will pick-up food scraps (currently, once a week on Wednesday mornings) from apartments and homes and bring them to our CompostHub at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden (MBBG). At the MBBG, s/he will incorporate the food scraps into the compost pile and will clean the bins for future use. Specific knowledge about composting is helpful but not necessary, as training will be provided. The Driver | Compost Entrepreneur will help develop and implement our marketing plan and is encouraged to bring new members into the pick-up program. We expect the Driver | Compost Entrepreneur will have increased hours of operation as the number of pick-ups grow and the program expands to small restaurants in the area.

Responsibilities & Time Commitment

  1. 3 – 5 hours per week, Wednesday morning
  2. Map and choose best route given pick-ups per week
  3. Pick-up food scraps in sealed bins and leave clean bin at pick-up locations
  4. Record weight of each bin and take to the MBBG
  5. Incorporate food scraps into the compost pile with help of MBBG staff
  6. Rinse, dry, and store bins until needed for leaving at a pick-up location
  7. Maintain open communication via phone or text with pick-up members
  8. Work collaboratively with Fertile Earth team
  9. Help expand the Compost Pick-up program (marketing materials and expansion details provided)
  10. Attend monthly meetings to discuss expansion of program (can be done remotely)


  • Interest in sustainability and environmental issues.
  • Basic understanding of, or interest in learning about compost.
  • A car or truck, valid drivers license, and auto insurance.
  • Willing to transport sealed bins of food scraps for compost and hold clean bins.
  • Able to lift 20 pounds and use a pitchfork and shovel.
  • Flexibility and a sense of humor appreciated.
  • Responsive to phone calls or text messages.
  • Easy access to a cell phone, preferably with option to add or use mapping apps.
  • Proximity to pick-up areas (see Location | Driving area below).
  • Proactive, friendly, and preferably someone who enjoys driving and working in a garden/outdoor environment.


During the first month of training, pay is $12 per hour. Beginning the second month, pay is increased to $14 per hour. Gas costs are included in pay. Increased hours are expected as the program grows.


Current pick-up areas are South Miami, Coral Way, Brickell, Downtown, and Miami Beach. Our CompostHub is located at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, this is where food scraps are composted.

How to Apply

If the description speaks to you please fill out this form.

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